Can you hear it? You’re at the breaking point. You’ve done all that you could for yourself and your situation, but circumstances are looking bleak. Maybe you’re at the brink of divorce or your health seems to be declining. Or maybe your child still hasn’t accepted Christ. For some, you may be facing foreclosure or strained family relationships. Or maybe you’re still waiting to receive that harvest for all your sowing because you’re struggling in your finances. Whatever it is you’re at the tipping point. You know God is there, but he seems so distant. He’s given you countless promises regarding your life and at this point you’re struggling to hold on to them. You’ve prayed, you’ve fasted, you’ve cried out to him and you’ve sacrificed to praise. You’ve been fighting – HARD, but it just seems like you’re going nowhere fast. Almost like God has forgotten all the promises he’s made to you. You’re tired and you’re weak and you’re so over it. Then, out of nowhere, you hear that voice that says, you might as well just give up. It might even tell you that God’s forgotten about you or that he won’t do it for you, thus confirming the suspicions you’ve had all along. Listen up and listen well, don’t ever let a strange voice turn you away from God or cause you to lose faith in him. Psalm 84:12 says blessed is the one who trusts in God. When you are afraid, put your trust in Him (Ps 56:3). He will deliver you. One thing you must understand is that where you end, your faith begins.  When you’ve done all that you can, that’s when faith kicks in. Sometimes it seems like God will allow you to get to the very worst of situations before delivering you, but his timing is absolutely impeccable. We see this in John 11 when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. It seemed like he was too late, but his timing was perfect for the glorification of God. Don’t be like Saul who rejected God’s timing and took matters into his own hands. Saul’s presumption in the face of adversity caused the Lord to reject him even though he had a calling on his life to be king (1 Sam 15). I remember when God had called me away from my corporate job and it seemed like things would be ok. I had savings, I was working on a really cool project, and I was receiving some income from my investment property. As time went on, the savings ran out, both tenants moved out, and I had invested in a project that wasn’t moving. I was looking around thinking, God, where are you? Don’t you see what’s happening? According to Genesis 12:1-3, you promised that I would be blessed! You know what happened? God allowed me to lose everything that the world gave me. The only thing I was able to keep were the things he gave me. My property and car being it and I was barely hanging on to that. Just like Elijah, he allowed my brook to dry up in one place, only to move me to another place to receive my blessings (1 Kgs 17:7-16). The harvest I was looking for was received and right on time. Not to mention, the blessings are continuing to roll in just like he promised. I went through the storm and survived it, but only because I stayed close to God despite what seemed to be sobering circumstances. We don’t know why God moves the way he does and he knows that. That’s why he tells us to trust him and to lean not on our own understanding (pr 3:5-6). You know what though, I get it. When you’re in what seems to be a tight spot, it’s easier said than done when we talk about trusting God; whom at the end of the day, we can’t see. But isn’t that just what faith is? You know he’s there and you remember how he’s moved on your behalf before. You know his voice. How else did you know about the promises he’s made to you? You know your calling and God can’t lie (Nu 23:19). Even with Saul, he rejected Saul and rejected him as king, but he still called him to be king and therefore was still king for quite some time. I understand that when times are tumultuous it can be hard to hear and can really seem like you’re on your own. But trust me when I tell you, you are not alone nor on your own. God hasn’t forgotten, he’s right there and he’s not leaving. Can I make a suggestion? Quiet your mind, fast if you need to. God may be trying to give you the next steps, but you’re clouded with confusion and doubt. Get quiet before the Lord so you can hear. Go into his Word and let him speak to and inspire you. Go back to those promises and encourage yourself. And if God tells you to wait and be still, do just that. But whatever you do, do not give up. I’m talking to you from experience. I’ve been there. That voice told me to give up so many times and I just couldn’t. It just didn’t seem like my Father would lead me down a road just to leave me there in shame. Then the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance all that God promised me and what he’s done for me in the past and I thank God for that (Jn 14:26). So I didn’t give up, yet I’ve been attacked from every way you can imagine. God is faithful and he will never let you be put to shame (Ro 10:11). Just on the other side of the attack is your blessing. Stay close to God, stay faithful and don’t compromise or give up. He will deliver you. Sincerely, One who knows…

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