Is Fear in Control?

My raw thoughts about fear

· Inspirational,Spiritual

Fear tells you what youcan/can’t do, what you can/can’t have, and who you are/are not. Thus begging the question: why even try? If people would just face their fears and run to God when they face their fears, they’ll get past them. Push past the fear. Fear in itself can’t hurt you, but the reaction (or lack there of) can.

Your reactions can hurt your

o Career

o Relationships

o Quality of life

Fear is a fragile foundation,like eggshells. You can’t stand on it without it breaking down.

Fear is an unstablefoundation that you can’t build on.

Fear leads to hopelessness,as even your most basic desires and needs can seem unattainable orunsustainable. o Fear of trying

o Fear of failing

o Fear of rejection

o Fear you’ll be abandoned orleft behind

o Fear of makingcommitments

o Fear of intimacy

o Fear of success

o Fear of embarrassment

o Fear of not measuring up

o Fear of the expectations ofothers

o Fear of takingresponsibility

o Fear of being found out

o Fear of change

o Fear of being exposed

o Fear of judgment

o Fear of facing your fears

o Fear of making a mistake

o Fear of not being perfect

o Fear of being ignored

Fear can cause you to be stagnate.

Fear is like a catch 22. For example, you can have such a fear of trying that you fail by default; and astrong fear of failure that you don’t even try.

You can’t stand on the wordof God if you don’t have enough faith to take God at his word. Standing onGod’s word means you accept it a truth, therefore you can believe and trust it
while you walk through the doors of your fears. Standing on God’s word means
that when you want to run from your fears you don’t because you believe what’s
God says. Standing on God’s word means staying in his word as you walk past
your fears.

Your fears are like a crowdof bullies that are afraid themselves. The bullies try to intimidate you in aneffort to get you to go in a different direction. The more you walk towards
them the louder and more intimidating they get. But once you walk past them you
realize they’re not that scary at all! And the bullies then realize you’re not
afraid! So they move on to find someone else who is, as their fear tactics
don’t work on you anymore. Fear can only reside where it’s accepted.

Sometimes it’s hard torecognize fear because it’s hidden behind excuses. Our minds can play tricks onus by having us believe that the reason we passed up on that opportunity was
because of some excuse that provides us with the comfort of letting it pass us
by. Sometimes we even point blame to keep from taking responsibility for
allowing an opportunity to pass. But I’m reality you were afraid you didn’t
have what it took, didn’t know what you were doing or didn’t qualify. Or maybe
you were afraid you’d fail. Whatever the case you masked it with an excuse and
let the opportunity go. And if you look at your history you may actually see a


Fear will also cause you to hang on to the familiar for fear of the unknown. You’ll find yourself hangingon to relationships, jobs and mindsets that are no good for you because you’re
afraid of being alone, rejected, and change.