Know the Seasons

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven - Ecclesiates 3:1

The past few weeks of my life have been such a huge challenge. Have you ever been in a season in your life where it seems like you’ve done all that you possibly can and nothing seems to be happening for you? Have you ever been in a season where you knew God was telling you to wait on him, but the wait seemed like forever? Well, that was me over the past few months, however the last few weeks it seems like the blazing furnace had been turned up seven times hotter than usual (Dan 3:19). From financial pressure to pressure in my business and even the ministry. Over the past few years I’d been sowing faithfully, and that hasn’t changed. But I started wondering when I was going to reap that great harvest everyone talked so much about. I battled with myself and God with why it seemed that He wasn’t blessing me like He was blessing others. I had to catch myself with that because comparing your blessings with others can lead you down a path of resentment and bitterness. Then I’d remember how we’re all on different paths and in different seasons in our life and you simply can’t compare. Also, Galatians 6:9 says, let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due season we will reap if we do not give up. Fast forward a few years and I’ve started a business and ministry. I’ve developed my own dietary supplement, purchased a property, bought a new car, left corporate America and allowed God to use me in so many wonderful ways. I’ve gotten the pleasure of watching others bask in their blessings and being a blessing to others. However none of this seemed like the harvest I was hoping for. So I would find myself asking God here and there why he wasn’t blessing me and when was He going to come through for me, especially since I had been completely faithful. Not realizing that He was blessing me. I was truly blessed to have accomplished the things that I’ve accomplished. Especially considering the fact that I wasn’t able to accomplish any of those things on my own before. God helped me to understand that that season was for planting and building. But now, the season has changed. A few days ago the Lord told me that He couldn’t pour old wine into new wine skins. He also said that the foundation that He’s been building in me needed to go through a final “quality check” before He could begin adding new parts to the “house”, if you will. My foundation is built upon the rock (Jesus) and is comprised of faith and love. When you are in a holding pattern, the enemy will certainly use that time to come against your foundation in an effort to get you to walk away from your harvest, which is just around the corner. He’ll add to the pressure and he’ll try to create a crack in your foundation so he can come in an wreck havoc. He’ll keep coming against you with doubt, fear and questioning God to get you into unbelief. No human being can win that kind of battle on their own. You need the strength, faith, peace and power of God. It’s the only way you can survive. It’s a time where you take all He’s given you, all you’ve learned and put it into practice even more than you did before. So that’s what I did. I fought back. This current season is a season of waiting to gather the harvest. One thing you have to understand in the season of waiting is that it’s not a season for planting. Try not to over work or tire yourself out before you can begin the gathering. Otherwise you may find yourself in a place of wanting to give up because it seems like the work you’re doing is in vain. When you’re trying to plant in a season of waiting it seems like nothing is working for you. Like no matter what you do things just don’t seem to be moving. The last thing you want to do is give up or take matters into your own hands. So just wait. God gave me such a wonderful revelation today. He said that I’m simply going into a new season. The reason I had become so burned out and depleted is because I was constantly trying to sow in a season that is for harvesting. There’s a bit of a delay between your season of sowing and your season of harvest (reaping) and that’s when you have to hang on, stay close to Him and cover yourself in His Word. Stand on His promises and never forget the character of God. The next season is going to blow your mind. If you’re not certain about what season you’re in, ask God. Ask Him to not only reveal to you the season you’re in, but to give you the wisdom to navigate that season. You will want to know what you should be doing, where you should be going and who’s playing a part in that season. You’ll want to know what’s required of you in that season. And you’ll also want to be sure to guard your heart and keep yourself together regardless of what season you’re in. God bless you and pray that you always know your seasons.

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